Macmillan Readers – Pre-intermediate level

Macmillan Readers – Pre-intermediate level

Owl Hall Worksheet

The Macmillan Readers series comprises a range of stories in which the language has been adapted to suit the needs of learners at all levels.

Pre-intermediate level Macmillan Readers have 80-96 pages and approximately 1,400 keywords. All Readers include black and white illustrations, background information notes and Points for Understanding questions. They also feature a glossary at the back of the book, to explain unfamiliar or difficult words. Conditional forms with would, could and might, appear frequently at this level, and sentences may contain up to three clauses.

The Readers website contains extra resources for teachers in the form of downloadable worksheets and exams. All of the Readers in this series include an Audio CD on which the story is told clearly by a native speaker of English.

For a full list of titles and ISBNs, please visit our dedicated Readers website.

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Highlighted Reader: Owl Hall

Owl Hall is an original story written specifically for the Macmillan Readers series. It is the story of Kara, who goes to stay at Owl Hall. But there is something strange about Kara’s relationship with her family. As the story develops, we discover that everyone at Owl Hall has a secret – even the house itself!

Original work by Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield

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Casino Royale

When Bond defeats Le Chiffre, a powerful Russian agent, in a game of cards, he believes his mission is over. But Le Chiffre has other ideas.

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ISBN: 978 1 4050 8744 5

Robin Hood

The classic folk tale of Robin Hood and his band of merry men, who rob from the rich to give to the poor. There are films of this story.

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ISBN: 978 1 4050 8723 0

I, Robot

‘1 A robot must not harm a human. And it must not allow a human to be harmed. 2 A robot must obey a human’s order, unless that order conflicts with the First Law. 3 A robot must protect itself, unless this protection conflicts with the First or Second Laws Handbook of Robotics, 2058 A.D.’ Isaac Asimov’s classic collection of stories about a society where humans and robots live and work together on earth and in outer space, is both disturbing and prophetic.

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ISBN: 978 0 2300 2682 7