Introducing Shakespeare

A perfect and easy way to introduce Shakespeare to your students: quotes, fascinating facts and a quiz!

Romeo and Juliet

Discover Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeare´s most famous plays! Help your students to not only to build their vocabulary, reading and language skills but also to gain cultural awareness.

Hip Hop Shakespeare

Teach your students about Shakespeare in a modern and creative way. Learn vocabulary and all about Shakespeare´s plays by tuning in to Akala’s ‘Comedy, Tragedy, History’ rap!


Make the most of Shakespeare and bring drama to your class! You can choose a play out of our many Macmillan Shakespeare Readers.


A perfect engaging lesson to accompany the Macmillan Reader Hamlet. Get a valuable insight into Shakespeare´s play and develop a wide range of skills!


Here is a selection of Macmillan Shakespeare Charades to test in an amusing way your students´ knowledge about Shakespeare´s titles, let´s play!

Shakespeare on Love

Discover Shakespeare´s vocabulary and quotes about love and their modern meaning!


Check out these fun class activities and test your students’ knowledge about Shakespeare´s language and plays with our quizes, have fun!