Your students need to revise more!

Carry out regular checks for understanding and remembering to ensure learning is taking place.

According to Mel Riddile The only evidence of learning is remembering and that’s why he says it’s so important to check for understanding.

Teachers should pause frequently during a lesson to check for understanding. How frequently? As a rule of thumb, teachers should check students’ understanding approximately every fifteen minutes, which approximates the attention span of the average adolescent.

According to a study in Science, one of the most effective checks for understanding is the quiz used as a formative assessment. Teachers can pause and ask students to write a summary or take a brief quiz on what they just learned. Immediately re-teaching a concept to a classmate may also be used to test practice retrieval.


In the case of language learning, we need to use retrieval activities on a regular basis. Take a look at the suggestions in our new article 7 revision activities to ensure your students practise the language through different contexts.

Maria Toth