Teaching made simple

  • Flexibility to pick out key sections to focus on certain language points.
  • All lessons are interlinked to promote more memorable learning.
  • Multi-skills coverage of English and a structured, methodical approach to teaching.
  • A strong emphasis on reading and vocabulary.
  • All language is clearly signposted which provides students with clarity of progression.

Meet Ceri Jones, Straightforward author

Meet Ceri Jones

Why do teachers love Straightforward?

Claudia Rant:

“The coursebook works for me because it’s very up to date, with great listening activities and interesting texts. It works for the students because they like the topics (such as hotels, accommodation, phone calls, etc.) which are useful for them. An interesting fact is that they don’t like it when I use extra material with them in class (for example from other resource books); they like to keep track of their lessons and to see how far in the book they’ve reached.”.

(Southampton Language College)