Back to School: Guessing Game

Children constantly need to revise and recycle language and never more so than at the beginning of the school year! Here’s a versatile guessing game that children enjoy which can be used with different lexical sets as part of a classroom routine.


    To revise classroom objects e.g. pencil, crayon, book, table, chair, rubber


3 to 5 year-olds (Pre-primary)


Wall hanging, Dex the Dino Class CD 1 audio track 3, classroom object flashcards, classroom object realia.

Author: Claire Medwell


Circle time

Using realia in the classroom encourage learners to touch or hold up a classroom object and to name it. Place all the objects in or near the circle time area.

Draw their attention to the wall hanging. The classroom object flashcards have been previously placed in the coloured pockets back to front.

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