Back to School: Helping Hands

Routines play an essential role in the smooth running of the primary classroom. This practical routine for the start of the lesson helps build confidence, encourages involvement, and provides opportunities for meaningful language development.


  • To create a Helping Hand card.
  • To practise listening for information and asking questions about personal appearance.
  • To develop logical thinking skills .


One A5 piece of card for each pupil and coloured pencils or pens.

Language/skills focus

Personal descriptions, clothes

Author: Donna Shaw


    • Hand out a piece of card to each pupil. The pupils draw around their hand to create a handprint. They then write their name on the card and decorate the handprint.
    • Collect the cards and put them into a pile. Pick up the top card, but don’t let the class see whose handprint appears. Explain that this pupil will be your helper for the lesson.
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