Blogging in the Primary classroom

Get your Primary children to use a blog to practise and improve their writing skills. Sílvia Castelló takes us through the stages of setting up individual and pair writing and a video group project. ‘Writing tasks will never be the same again!’ says Sílvia.

Author: Sílvia Castelló Masip

Why use a blog?

RTEmagicC_02A12W1Y_05.jpgProjects are usually a successful way of motivating pupils by providing a stimulating and authentic context to showcase their language abilities. However, the extra effort required only really feels worthwhile if the aim is more than just getting a good mark. In third cycle, for example, pupils are able to produce accurate, well-written texts, but usually these go from pupil to teacher and back to the folder with nobody else admiring their work. To avoid this, we usually display them in the classroom or in the corridors. But now we’ve got a new, effective and highly motivating way of showing the world what we do: a blog!

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