Developing classroom language

The greatest source of real communication in any language classroom is the day-to-day interaction between teacher and pupils. That is why it is essential to develop the language chunks that you will be using for the next six years and beyond as soon as possible. Sonia Raposo Marzo has some practical ideas for building up the classroom language store.

Author: Sonia Raposo Marzo

Have you ever felt frustrated because your pupils are unable to express the most simple sentences, even though you say them constantly? The secret is to introduce them in a way which is memorable and meaningful, then build on them and recycle them regularly. Here are some approaches which I came across while studying and have adapted to my own pupils’ needs.

Preparing materials

Firstly, when you have made a note of all the phrases you are going to need, find pictures that can express the word, sentence or question you wish to illustrate. Here are three examples showing how we might adapt our approaches to suit the different cycles.

First cycle
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Practising classroom English through games

Practising classroom English through games

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