English corners

Nowadays, mixed ability within the classroom is one of the biggest challenges facing teachers. Motivation is of paramount importance, and it is essential to find different ways of encouraging and helping every pupil in our English class. Sandra Font shows us how useful English corners can be.

Author: Sandra Font

What is an English corner?


An English corner basically consists of a space in the corner of the classroom with the appropriate materials placed on a shelf or table, within easy reach of pupils at any stage of the class. Games and books can be arranged so they are clearly visible, each having their own identifiable place so that pupils know where to find them and put them back. More can be added during the year to motivate pupils with new resources. If you have your own English classroom, English corners are very easy to set up because all you need are the materials and the space. If not, maybe you could come to an arrangement with the class teachers to create a similar space in the children’s own classrooms. This need not imply extra work on your part, as there will be enough materials to go round all the classrooms in the year group; books and activities can be swapped around at the beginning of each term, providing pupils with regular new resources. Many materials will be flexible and usable in different contexts. For example, a set of dominoes designed for learning colours will be used mainly with our Year 1 pupils, but we may also find them useful if we have a student with learning difficulties in Year 4.

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