Fast finishers

Keep fast finishers usefully occupied! It is a factor of ‘la diversidad del alumnado': there are inevitably going to be fast finishers in most lessons. They are not a problem in themselves, but keeping them usefully occupied can be draining on a teacher’s time and resources; dealing with them can be a challenge to our classroom management skills.

Author: Mark Ormerod

Most teachers recognise the need to give early finishers something to do – something to keep them from being bored; something that will keep them from disrupting or distracting the rest of the class; something that will address their need to learn at a faster rhythm than the rest of the class. But what? What makes an ideal activity for fast finishers? Apart from appropriate linguistic content, careful consideration has to be given to the following aspects of the activity:


The teacher cannot give the fast finishers much of his/her time, as other students in the room may need his/her help and attention. Ideal activities for fast finishers need to be immediately self explanatory so that the students can be autonomous.

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