This article describes an action research project carried out by a group of teachers who tried out different approaches to deal with fast finishers in their classes. They make recommendations for strategies and emphasise the need to find tasks for fast finishers so that all pupils benefit.

Author: Abi Watson, Alistair Jones, Angela McClenaghan, Claire Davis, Danielle Peckett, Karen Pomerleau, Kelly Sohnlien, Luisa Muñoz, Simon Gillow

When we conducted a survey of 25 Primary English teachers in Cambridge School, Granollers, to find out what difficulties they were having in class, the number one problem that they came up with was fast finishers!

As a result, we decided to set up an action research project (a practical investigation that we hoped would offer some explanations and come up with different techniques for dealing with the problem). We tested each approach on different classes and age groups and came up with our own set of strategies for dealing with fast finishers. This article deals with some of the results of our research.

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