Having fun with tricky words

Tracey Chapelton suggests how we might make the most of tricky text and wearisome words to work on pronunciation skills with our Primary pupils.

Author: Tracey Chapelton

RTEmagicC_10_spelling_games_image_1_txdam956_fb3702.jpgPrickle, gooey, plunge, knobbly, mucky, wriggle, scoop, wallowing, crumble, laughter, meddling, squirted … are just some of the words that you might find in any number of children’s story books. They look a bit scary and complicated, but if we ignore them because we think our pupils won’t understand them, we haven’t covered that verb tense in class yet or that the words would be too difficult to remember, then we’re missing a wonderful opportunity to work on pronunciation. The words out of context may not appear to be that useful, but used within the framework of a good story, accompanied by appealing visuals to help with some of the trickier meanings, they are the building blocks for good reading skills and are invaluable in terms of learning the basics of English pronunciation. They are also lots of fun to work with!

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