How to handle cyberbullying: Make a video for Safer Internet Day

Get your students to make a video about how to stop cyberbullying.

Author: Kate Fryer





  • to talk about the tools people use to cyberbully
  • to understand the concept of ‘anti-bullying week’
  • to create a class video about cyberbullying



What to do – Storyboard worksheet, Stop Cyberbullying video

Key language

anti-bullying week, stay with friends, stand up for yourself



Write the following question on the board: What are some of the social media tools used in cyberbullying? Discuss as a class and note the tools suggested on the board.

Video activity



  • Show your students the video made by Miss Rosborough’s class Stop Cyberbullying and ask them to watch out for any of the tools noted on the board.
  • Ask the following questions about the video:


When was anti-bullying week?

If you are getting cyberbullied, what must you always remember?

Who could you talk to?

What can you do?

What do we mean by anti-bullying week? What makes this type of project a good idea?

What do we mean by ‘stay with friends’ and ‘stand up for yourself’?

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