Learning to learn in the Primary classroom

Learning to learn is essential for lifelong learning. While we cannot predict what our students will need to know for the future, we can help them apply skills, knowledge and know-how to specific problems and/or new situations. Gillian Young shows us how!

Author: Gillian Young

Of the eight competences laid down by the Council of Europe, the Learning to learn competence involves skills that can be readily used in language learning, improving the pupils’ ability to learn more effectively and to function as autonomous learners. Not surprisingly, teachers’ morale is also usually improved. By systematically drawing our pupils’ attention to study skills and everyday learning habits as part of regular classroom routines, we will be helping to build confidence and self-awareness, not only applicable to language learning but also across the whole curriculum. I’d like to suggest some ideas that will help children in the Primary English language classroom to practise strategies and habits to help them become more autonomous in their learning.

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Learning to learn: ideas for using word cards

Learning to learn: ideas for using word cards

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