Let’s play in English!

Looking for a new angle on teaching little ones? Shah Ellul shares ten tips and ideas for getting the most out of Infant pupils in the English classroom. All of the activities offer a rich source of language practice and cognitive development as well as being great fun for our pupils.

Author: Shah Ellul

1 Act out a story

RTEmagicC_02F86898.jpgIsn’t this what children do naturally when they play? Dress up, invent and act out stories? Probably one of my favourite classroom activities, acting out stories and rhymes is really very easy to organise. In a large box in the corner of the classroom, I keep a set of homemade props relating to the rhymes and stories that we use in class eg headbands, masks, a set of whiskers, a pig’s nose, some rabbit ears, etc, and when we have finished working on a story or rhyme as a whole group, I bring the box to the front of the class and ask, for example,Who’d like to be the mouse?and my pupils answer I would.Sometimes, I change the question to ask Who wants to be the frog? and prompt the children to answer I do. It’s a great way to stimulate their imaginations and natural affinity for play acting, as well as exposing them to different question forms and those tricky /w/ and /wUd/ sounds.

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