Odd one out!

Children justify their choices in this odd-one-out activity.

Traditional games such as Noughts and Crosses and Odd-One-Out provide a fun framework for a number of revision activities. For example, play Odd-One-Out to review the characteristics of animals. Stick up either picture or word flashcards of, for example, toad, frog, salamander and snake in a row on the board. Ask Which is the odd one out? (The snake, because it is a reptile). Repeat with different sets of flashcards or write the words on the board, eg crocodile, snake, frog, turtle (The frog, because it is an amphibian) or butterfly, spider, ladybird, bee (The spider, because it is not an insect), etc.

Try out the following activity with your classes to review and compare places / neighbourhoods. Download Worksheet 1 and photocopy one per pupil. Write the items from the first group on the board and tell the children: Three items form a group. Which is the odd one out? Ask the children to justify their answers by asking: Why? Encourage them to answer, eg sofa, because it is not a room in the house.

Wild Animals: Mammals, reptiles and birds 2

Wild Animals: Mammals, reptiles and birds 2

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