Practising classroom English through games

Most classes have their staple classroom language phrases, ranging from the teacher giving instructions to the pupils asking if they can go to the toilet or borrow a crayon. But is this where these useful language chunks begin and end? Maria Toth suggests some easy-to-manage activities to help us really make the most of our classroom language.

Author: Maria Toth

RTEmagicC_02A159TY.jpgClassroom English has often been loosely defined as the language used both to organise activities in the class and to interact with students socially. This definition is too limited for classes of many younger learners of English, as sometimes the classroom language is the language of the activity. For example, imagine doing a TPR activity with the children giving instructions, such as Point to the door or Open your books. This is similar to the language we might use to set up another activity (eg Open your book at page 6).

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