Pronunciation skills: How many syllables

This lesson focuses on plural nouns and 3rd person singular verbs which are spelt with the ending -es. It develops an awareness of when this ending represents an additional syllable (eg age / ages) and when it doesn’t (eg behave / behaves).

Author: Jonathan Marks

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If necessary, check that students can count the number of syllables in a word, using words they have recently learned or used. For example, let’s say they have been using the word importance in a recent activity. Say the word slowly and clearly (im-por-tance), clapping or tapping each syllable as you say it. Ask the students, How many syllables? Repeat the procedure with other words such as: import, port, ports, porter, sport, sportsman, report, reporter.Finally, say a selection of other words, but without clapping or tapping, and ask the class to state the number of syllables.

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Integrating pronunciation in your teaching

Integrating pronunciation in your teaching

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