Teaching for the University Entrance Exam

No sooner have the school exams finished than our students have to sit yet another paper: the University Entrance Exam (Selectividad). Montse Irún gives some invaluable advice to get your students practising for the exam.

Author: Montse Irún

RTEmagicC_02F06097.jpgWhen the school year is nearly over, there is one thing that awaits both teachers and students with the same feeling of uneasiness: the University Entrance Exam.The exam is designed to assess our students’ proficiency in English. From a language point of view, the English that they study at school should provide them with more than sufficient preparation, but as teachers we know what a difference that extra input on exam techniques can make.

One good approach is to work through practice tests so that students are able to discover a strategy that works for them. University Entrance Exam Generator1 is a useful resource because teachers can author the texts themselves and select those activities that are used in their region.

It’s certainly worth spending time talking to your students about the most effective techniques for fulfilling each task. Having a clear idea of what they are being asked to do and how they will be marked helps students to achieve better results. The following list contains strategies adapted from different textbooks that aim to get students to reflect on how best to carry out the different tasks in the exam.

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