Ten spelling games for Primary

Helen Rouse offers some tried-and-tested spelling games to help your second and third-cycle pupils write right and spell well!

Author: Helen Rouse

RTEmagicC_02B43776_02.jpgAs we all know, the English spelling system can prove complicated for Spanish speakers, and especially for young learners who are still novices at reading and writing in their own language. The English language can throw up a host of spelling complexities ranging from different graphemes for the same sound to silent letters, double letters and clusters, weak forms, apostrophes and many complicated rules. Since most of our pupils are going to need English in their adult lives, we need to teach them to prioritise spelling so they produce clear and accurate language with confidence and thereby create a good impression on their readers. In addition, at school itself, correct spelling has an important place in CLIL programmes where other subjects are taught through English.

Spelling can be difficult to teach and what our pupils most benefit from is regular exposure to written words and systematic spelling practice. We need to provide regular English reading and writing activities, ensure that pupils hear accurate pronunciation and make them aware of spelling rules. Above all, we must recycle words regularly. Games are a great way to practise spelling and make it fun, so here are ten of my favourites which can be used at any stage of the class.

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