The postcard project

Do your pupils usually return from the summer holidays having forgotten most of their English? Do you sometimes wish they would do something over the summer to keep up their level of English? Mark Ormerod proposes a simple project which is easy to set up, fun to do and provides pupils with an authentic context for writing in English.

What is the postcard project?

Over the years, I have assigned my pupils many different summer holiday projects. None, however, has been more successful than the postcard project. This project requires your pupils to write and send a postcard to you, at your school, during the holidays. It is an authentic writing task which pupils generally respond to enthusiastically. Not only does it recycle key structures and vocabulary from the Primary syllabus, but the end result can also provide you and your pupils with a classroom resource for the next school year.

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Using English during the summer holidays

Using English during the summer holidays

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