The Primary course that builds confidence in English from day one!

  • Carefully-staged tasks give pupils the confidence to speak in English from day one!
  • An interactive, integrated and intuitive digital solution tailored for the Primary classroom.
  • The holistic approach in Tiger focuses on all areas of child development, from cultural awareness to study skills.
  • More cognitively-challenging activities and project work in levels five and six build pupils’ confidence and provide a fantastic bridge to Secondary education.
  • Attend to different level needs with multi-level Activity Books, the NEW Tiger Basics and a NEW Essential Guide that allows you to take a faster route through Tiger.

Why do teachers love Tiger?

Reme Ortiz Fuentes:

“I love teaching with Tiger!! All the contents and activities are very well sequenced and they motivate the whole class. My pupils learn English in a confident and fun way.”

(Escola Europa – Salou)